I ensure my muscular bike or 250w E-bike against…

How much is that?

Total price of the bicycle to be ensured
(with or without kit)

Vol* Vol + casse*
1250€ 7,51€ 9,36€
3000€ 13,56€ 17,99€
5000€ 19,43€ 26,82€

Theft warranty

our muscular or electric bike is covered, anywhere any time (24/7)*, against partial or total theft.

No obsolescence applied for 3 years..

*provided they are secured with an approved lock on the public roads.

Breakage warranty

Property damage to your muscular or electric bike is covered during an incident, accident or fall with or without an identified third party.


Someone stole my bike/kit!

In case of theft, you get a replacement bike/kit after compensation + your agreement.

Was your bike old? You are reimbursed for the value of the equipment. You need to provide the original invoice of the bike (at the time of its first purchase, as new) or written proof by the seller.

Franchise amount

The franchise represent 10 % of the claim with :

– 35 € minimum in case of theft.

– 50€ minimum in case of breakage.

– 250€ maximum in case of breakage and theft.

I want to ensure only the kit

I can’t ensure only my kit, I need to ensure my whole bike.

The kit’s power must be 250W max.

My bike is a little old

You can ensure your bike if he was bought in the last 3 years.