Le Cafe Racer answers all your questions !

The Cafe Racer is above all a muscle bike, you can motorize it using a BBS motor or a wheel motor, available on the Cycloboost website.

When will the bike be launched?

A limited series of 50 unpublished copies will be available from Christmas 2021, the next productions will be released in Spring 2022.

Why did it take so long to launch?

The first manufacturers we worked with weren’t able to make the bike the way we wanted (in 2019 and 2020). The versions produced incorporated major modifications to the frame which called into question the very essence of the bike. It was out of the question.

We had to start from 0 again and we ended up finding another manufacturer in Portugal and signed our first quote in November 2020.

From December 2020 to March 2021, several minor changes were necessary to adapt to the industrialisation process, particularly the bending machines. Our frame uses big diameter tubes (25 and 50mm) and has a complex geometry, the bending was hard to execute.

The Covid situation delayed us on all fronts: the manufacturing of the welding patterns, the bending tensioners, the production of aluminium and the laser cutting. 

In August 2021, the bike (without motor) was certified. We launch the first production of 50 models. 

What's the price of the bike?

The price of the bike without motor will start from 3000€ (VAT included). You can add a Cycloboost motor kit for 1100 to 1900€ depending on the power and autonomy you need.

Where can I buy Le Cafe Racer?

The Aevon Bikes bike is available for pre-order on the Aevon Bikes website and soon in our shop in Bordeaux. The Cafe Racer will also be available in various points of sale in France and Europe. We are currently in the process of selecting the concept stores which will offer the bike for sale and which will also be able to provide maintenance.

Will Le Cafe Racer be certified?

Of course. The bike as a muscle bike is already certified. Later, the Ebike 250w version and speed bike 1000w version will also be certified!

What are the different motor options?

Unlimited ! Le Cafe Racer can be equipped with a wheel motor or a crank motor from 250w to 1000w, and the battery of your choice. Find all the available versions on our blog.

Can we customize the bike?

Yes, it will be possible to choose the fork (rigid or suspended double T), the saddle (the type of coating, the type of stitching…), the paint (for example: the Gulf version), the accessories (surf-rack, bottle-holder, decorative plaque at the front or back, the handles, the handlebar…), the motor (wheel motor or middle motor until 1000w).

Which colors will be available?

The standard colors will be: black, grey, green, red, blue, cream and white… For now, nothing has been decided about the final color.

Is the height of the bike adjustable?

It’s a cruiser bike, so the position is not the same as on a standard bike. You can sit at the front or rear of the saddle. Also, you can adjust the slope of the frame at the level of the steering tube, but also the seat height with various saddles. You can also adjust the rear suspensions. 

What is the weight of the bike?

The bike will weigh about 17kg, to which you’ll need to add the weight of the electric system (between 7 and 10kg depending on the choice of motor and the size of the battery).

My question is not on the list? No worries, Aevon Bikes team will be happy to answer it!