Le Cafe Racer

The vehicle we designed and conceived in our workshop in Bordeaux is not only a bike, it’s a work of art, a collector’s item flattering our ego, a must have… It’s a bike that urges you to ride freely, without compromise. We accept the jealous stares, we’re proud to be different !

Le Cafe Racer is the result of months of hard work, we wanted to bring together our motorcycle and bike fantasies… It’s a bike you can, and must, alter and customize, it was conceived for this purpose so express yourself !

Mechanical technical features

  • Frame geometry
    • saddle height: 90cm
    • handlebar height: 110cm
    • bracket height: 29cm
  • Weight: 17kg (bike without motor)
  • Wheel:
    • 24″ rim of 8cm width, double wall
    • front hub 135mm and 170mm at the rear
  • Transmission
    • Stormey & Archer speeds hub
    • Or classical derailleur Shimano
  • Brakes: hydraulic with disks (180mm)
  • Foam saddle 5cm, imitation leather coating
  • Paint by thermo lacquering
  • Rear schock absorber: 2 of 600lbs each

Electrical technical features

Possible motors:
  • Middle motor of 250w (25km/h) or 1000w (50km/h)
  • Rear motor 1000w (45km/h)
Battery autonomy:
  • Battery of 36v and 48v
  • From 40 to 80km

A crazy look

A crazy look again

Definitly a crazy look