Choosing Le Cafe Racer means choosing an ‘out of the box’ bike. But that’s not all, you can also choose the look, the confort (through the type of fork) and you can decide to fit it with an electric motor.

Here are all the options:

Frame colour

Among the standard colours, 4 options: cream, green, black, blue.

Among the racing series, 4 options: green with yellow touches, cream with red touches, black with a shiny black edging and the Gulf version.

But you can also enjoy designing Le Cafe Racer of your dreams. Then we send you a template to complete with the colours of your choice.

The saddle

You have the choice between 5 saddles of different material: faux leather or alcantara and different colours: brown, cream and black.

The fork

Choose the suspended or rigid fork.

Created for Aevon Bikes, the suspended fork is black with gold details.

The rigid fork can be adapted to the colour of your frame or entirely gold.

The tires

Choose the width of the tire: from 3″ to 4″. Black, cream or with white walls for a vintage look.

Electric motor

Here too, you have the choice🙂

250w, 500w, 750w, 1000w and very soon3500w!

Need a little help with an electric assistance? Or need a super powerful motor to get thrilling sensations?

Ask for a quote to Cycloboost!

(You can order the bike today without a motor and add it later on.)

Coming soon: the headlights 🙂