In the Aevon Bikes team, we have motorbikes fans and car fans, especially vintage motorbikes and racing cars. It’s our favorite topic of conversation at lunch hour. Whether it’s because we like to talk about the the design or the thrills, everyone has something to say about it.

Le Cafe Racer was born from this love of the car and motorbike universe, which explains that our bike is at the crossroads between different worlds. We had to take pics of the bike next to a few of these cars, just for our viewing pleasure.

This Mazda MX5, a Japanese coupé with an English side was perfect for a photoshoot in the sunset.

Light and easy to handle, it perfectly reflects the chill spirit inspired by a stroll with a café racer at the end of the day just to sit and have a drink with a few friends after work.

The flashy color of this Toyota MR2 was the perfect choice for our Gulf version of the bike.

This sports coupé is a light car with a rear-wheel drive, a real pleasure car, exactly like Le Cafe Racer you now know as a ‘pleasure bike’.

Last but not least, the Porsche 911 type 964: the first ‘modern’ Porsche, launched in the 90s, with the design of the old ones.

It’s above all a sports car with a very special sound that makes you want to ride fast. Our bike will be available as a speed bike, the fast version of an E-bike. So we naturally came to compare both those racy nervous vehicles.

The speed bike version of our bike will be certified. You will need to wear a helmet, put a license plate and take an insurance.

All this gave us a few ideas: why not a short race for a few meters between the Porsche and Le Cafe Racer? To be continued…