We have our heat set on working with local businesses. Today we’d like to talk about our partnerships with Wildust and LunelVintage and the project we’re working on with a leather crafstman: Cuir Sauvage

Wildust is a clothing brand dedicated to the women who ride. The idea of creating this brand came from a simple personal observation: when she took her motorbike driver’s test, it was very difficult for the creator to find women clothes in motorbikes’ shops. She developed a brand for women with statement T-shirts, jumpsuits and riders’ scarves.

To deal with the lack of handbag and keep the phone close to hand, she had the idea of creating a complete range of belts with pockets.

Wildust is an environmentally friendly brand. The clothes are made in Europe to offer quality products that can last.

The brand is made for all « ambitous women, women who dare, free women… ADVENTURERS. »

Aevon Bikes team were glad to wear some of the brand’s clothes at the last photoshoot.

LunelVintage is the ultimate ecologically responsible brand. They collect glasses frames on flea markets and secondhand stores, clean and polish them and finally replace the lens. In the end, you get a brand new pair of glasses, with a 20s to 90s style, a unique model that you will never see on anyone else.

Selecting the frames is a meticulous job that started a few years before launching the brand. The creators were fans of the beauty and quality of vintage glasses’ frames.

The comparison between the vintage spirit of our bike and the core business of this brand was obvious. Stay tuned to our social media, a surprise in partnership with LunelVintage is coming soon :-).


The leather craftsman Cuir Sauvage is located like us in Bordeaux. He offers a range of made to measure products. You’d like a vintage book bag, a unique handbag or a belt? Just get in touch with this craftsman and his deft touch. 

« No subcontractor, no serial models. You treat yourself to a unique product!« 

Cuir Sauvage made some prototypes of frame, handlebar and saddle bags for Le Cafe Racer. We will reveal them soon.