Replacing your car with an E-bike is an economical solution if you take into account the cost of a car annually.

You can check out how much your car costs each year easily on this website.

Between the cost of the insurance, the fuel and the maintenance, we estimate that the cost of a car goes from 5 000€ (5 500$) to 10 000€ (11 000$) a year.

In 2017 in France, the yearly insurance cost was estimated from 600 (664$) to 1 000€ (1 100$) depending on the type of vehicle used.

Add to this the fuel : between 900€ (996$) and 1 100€ (1 210$) a year depending on the kilometers/miles you drive and the type of fuel you use.

Maintenance fees include : repairs, service, tires, vehicle safety inspections and it can vary from 840€ (929$) to 1 100€ (1 210$) on average. People who use their cars for long trips can reach up to 1 700€ (1 880$) a year.

Finally, remember that buying a car generally means that you need a loan and it generates bank fees. Buying a car would cost about 3 000€ (3 321$) to 5 000€ (5 530$) a year.

Don’t hesitate to check the cost of your own car. Then compare it to the cost of an E-bike. Take into account that you won’t have to pay for fuel, for parking fees or for maintenance, except a few parts such as the tires or the brakes.

A Lithium battery has a lifespan of about 600 charges, which represents about 4 years if you use and charge it 5 days a week. The price of a battery varies depending on the autonomy and power needed. Replacing it every 4 years would cost about 125€ (138$) to 250€ (276$) a year.


No more parking issues, an E-bike can be parked anywhere and often closer to your final destination than a car, especially in town.

No parking fees and above all, the luxury to be able to move from one place to the next easily.


Let’s take the example of Bordeaux where Le Cafe Racer was born. Imagine that you live on the right bank of the city and that you need to go to Mérignac, on the other bank. Going over Bordeaux’s bridges during rush hour is a nightmare and then you have to face traffic jam on the belt jam. Using your car to do this trip at rush hour takes about an hour, instead of 25mn when the traffic is fluid.

By road, this trip is about 20km (12,42miles). If you go through Bordeaux, the distance is reduced to 15km (9,32miles).

Going through Bordeaux with your electric bike instead of taking the car means a trip of 30 to 40mn depending on your speed.

And that is only one example. You can easily work out how long is your usual trip by bike and by car.

Traffic jam

Faster, economical but also better for your quality of life.

CNBC says that Boston, Washington D.C., and Chicago are the three US cities with the most time lost in traffic jams.

It also states that a driver in Moscow, Russia, can lose 210 hours in traffic each year. Imagine what you could do in 210 hours.

Cyclists are not bothered by this as cycling paths prosper in the cities. Bordeaux is a city more and more suited for cyclists. A bridge was even closed to traffic and is now only open to buses, cyclists and pedestrians.

Good for your health

No need to mention that cycling is good for your health. Loss of weight, better immunity and it’s good for your moral health!

By E-bike you need a little less effort than with a standard bike but you still pedal. It’s a more active means of transport than to stay behind the wheel, stuck in traffic.

Numerous studies show that someone working out regularly reduces the risk to develop cardiovascular diseases.

It also helps to lose weight and be in a good spirit in the morning when you get to work. You have avoided the stress from the traffic, the energy spent to find a parking spot and you’re ready to start the day in a positive mood.

Good for the planet

Finally, using an electric bike helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to protect our planet.

Contrary to a widespread idea, doctor Arthur Molique from sports medicine center in Lyon proved that you can find as much pollution inside your car than outside on your bike. Riding your bike doesn’t mean you’re taking more risks then.


Are your ready to replace your car with an electric bike ?