You couldn’t wait any longer? Same here!

Le Cafe Racer will be here soon and it doesn’t come alone: 50 models will be part of this first production. You haven’t got yours yet? Go to the pre-order page to make sure you’ll hop on Le Cafe Racer this winter.

For now, Le Cafe Racer is certified and sold in its muscular version (not electric). Aevon Bikes hopes the electric version will be certified in the months to come.

For now Le Cafe Racer is ‘bare’ But the good news is… you can fit in a BBS 750w or BBS HD 1000w electric kit.

Let us explain!

To pre-order your bike, here is the pre-order form.

Choose the color of the frame and the color of the saddle. Don’t hesitate to get inspired from the pics available on our social media to give you a better idea of the final rendering, the bike is visible in its metal grey and bottle green versions and you can also see the three types of saddles.

Choose the size of the tyre, from 3″ to 4″ and the type of fork: standard or suspended.

As for the accessories, give free rein to your imagination, the choice you make with this form is not final and will be refined together before the delivery of your bike.

Everything you select helps us have a better idea of what you like but it doesn’t represent your final choices. Our sales team will get in touch with you to discuss the various options together.

This pre-order is only for Le Cafe Racer in its bare version, the ideal bike to take pleasure in riding in style. If you’d like more, here are a few solutions.

Before we became Aevon Bikes, we are Cycloboost: leader for E-bike kits in France since 2009!

Hundreds of bikes have been fitted with an electrical assistance by Cycloboost90% of them were assembled ‘at home’. Putting a motor on your bike is child’s play. It is accessible to any DIY enthusiast and we have many tutorials available to help you. Transforming your bike into an E-bike takes about an afternoon (real time observed on BBS users).

Which type of motor? Considering the axle of Le Cafe Racer is 100mm wide, you have the choice:

Let’s talk about numbers.

BBS 750w motor develops a nominal power of 750w, a maximum power of 1200w (battery fully charged). The torque is 120Nm, amazing as soon as you start the bike.

Its counterpart, the 1000w BBS HD develops a nominal power of 1000w, a maximum power of 1500w. The torque goes up to 160Nm, same as the torque of the Sport version of the Twingo from Renault. Its maximum torque of 160Nm is reached as soon as 5 500rpm. It really rocks!

On this short video, you will see what a 750w BBS motor feels like. The torque at the start of the bike, the power and above all… the FUN!

Like any E-bike it’s still a bike, not a motorbike;-) It’s the association of your pedalling AND the electrical power which gives the best output of your motor. You will take pleasure playing with the levels of assistance and riding the bike.

The throttle is an option with this type of motor but should be used occasionally and cleverly.

Now you just need to choose the 48v battery you need (directly with the BBS motor) and fit it in like we did inside the frame. This space is the best option because it lowers the center of gravity and doesn’t alter the style of the bike.

Depending on the distance you’d like to ride, you will choose a model with more or less ampers/hour. Keep in mind that 1Ah represents around 4km (normal use) to 8km (using the electrical assistance moderately and using your legs).

Discuss your project and ask for a quote at