2020 is the year we will launch our bike Le Cafe Racer.

2019 was dedicated to the thinking process about the design of the bike with the first drawings and the first prototypes. We tell you a little more about these different steps.

Originally, we wanted to make a bike that looks like no other, a unique bike, that would make it impossible to feel indifferent about. The creator Frank, is particularly attracted to the word of car racing and motorbikes and had the idea to create an object that would use the codes of the motorbike world but still be a bike.

The first concept was to create a strong beam frame in which we could put the battery. It was easy to make but the soul of the café racer was really missing.

Frank then got in touch with a designer to help him create Le Cafe Racer, Antoine. At the beginning, it looked nothing like the bike that you know today but we came closer and closer.

We first decided to externalise the Lithium battery to make it easier to set up and maintain the future bike. We also slimmed the frame.

At this point, the bike was getting close to what we wanted but didn’t entirely fit the crazy idea we had at the start, of an exceptional bike that would have people staring. We asked the whole team to participate and give all their ideas to improve the design. There were some good ideas.

From the first drawing to the final version, the process took about 4 months and then we gave the drawings to our engineer : Eric. His goal was to transform the 2D drawings in 3D drawings and check the mechanical resistance of the bike. The bike passed this test successfully.

That’s when Philippe was hired to make the 3D drawing become reality. Welder and designer for various artistic projects in Bordeaux, he gave some ideas that improved again the aesthetics of the bike.

After choosing the material, aerospace quality 6061 T6 aluminium tubes, we set up the welding workshop and Philippe started creating the very first prototype.

It took us 2 extra months to change, correct and adapt our prototype. Two wheels and a handlebar later, we were taking our first rides, very proud to cycle on this beauty.

If you follow us on social media, you already know what happened next : we tested different paints, we looked for a front and a rear light as well as other accessories, we tested different saddles and introduced the bike at the Eurobike in September, the bike event of the year for all professionals of the area.

It was the first real outing of our baby and its first confrontation to the eye of the public. The visitors’ opinions were unanimous and really supported us during the next steps : the ratification of the bike and the launch of the production.

Now there are only a few months to wait until the official launch of the Le Cafe Racer, planned in Spring.

Happy New Year!