Le Cafe Racer will be a standard bike on which you can cycle. It will also be an electric bike 250w 25km/h and a speed bike. So, what is a speed bike?

A speed bike is also called speedelec, speed pedelec or fast electric bike

A speedelec is an E-bike that can reach the speed of 45km/h. For info, a traditional E-bike is limited at 25km/h

Speed bikes enable to go for longer rides. With their speed, they can really become an alternative to cars for rides where bikes or standard E-bikes are too slow.

In France, these fast bikes are used mainly to go to work every day.


The bike and the electric bike are much easier to park in the city than a car. You save time loking for a parking spot.

For city rides, the speedelec helps you to reach your destination faster than a car, often trapped in traffic at rush hour.


Even if a speed bike represents an important cost when you buy it, the fuel economies enable to amortize this cost in a few years, even a few months for people who cycle a lot.

Environment friendly

The recycling of an electric bike is still highly controversial. However, you reduce your daily greenhouse gas emissions when you drop the car, it’s a real benefit for the planet.


The most important is when you discover the pleasure of riding an exceptional bike. Imagine getting on Le Cafe Racer every day to go to work. You will probably jump out of bed before the alarm clock starts.

The cherry on the cake: you can even get a little exercise depending on the way you pedal.


In France, a speedelec is considered the same as a moped. So you need to wear a moped certified helmet, register your vehicle and insure it.

Contrary to an E-bike limited at 25km/h you’re not allowed to cycle on bicycle lanes.

In Belgium, the rules are different: fast E-bikes are allowed to cycle on bicycle lanes depending on the rules of the local authorities and you can were a simple bike helmet.

In Switzerland, speedelec must ride on bicycle lanes only and can occasionally use bus lanes.


In its speedbike version, Le Cafe Racer will be fitted with:

  • side reflectors
  • an outside rear-view mirror
  • a rear brake light
  • a headlight
  • a side kickstand

Our team is currently trying various types of equipment to find those who won’t spoil the unique design of the bike. We’re looking for vintage accessories, close to the universe of the motorcycle.


You choose the battery life of your bike when you choose your Lithium battery from 21Ah to 28Ah.

A 21Ah battery will enable you to cycle for about 80km. A 28Ah battery will go on for 110km.

Your battery life will also depend on your pedalling assistance, the road you chose and the gear you’re using.