Le Cafe Racer paid a visit to the tattoo parlor Le Sabot du Pape (also known as Wonzu) for a quick photoshoot. The place was the ideal setting for the bike.

In this cozy space in Bordeaux, the bike posed for the camera surrounded with our team and the tattoo artist who were pleased to be part of the pictures. With its unique design, the bike could become a decorative object in its own right, placed along a juke box or a pinball machine. It naturally finds its place in spaces influenced by vintage or old school worlds.

During this meeting, we asked a few questions to our artist to get to know his world better.

When did you open this tattoo parlor? What training do you need to become a tattoo artist?  

We opened the tattoo parlor in 2017 with Arnaud (Le Daron) and Pauline (Palva).  I come from architecture and design and then I turned a corner in the direction of tattooing. I have always liked drawing and making sketches but in terms of ‘training’ it was mostly as I went along. 

What do you enjoy about the job of tattoo artist?   

I like to explore all the ways that you can express yourself on the skin (from both points of view: the customer and the tattoo artist) and the ancestral side of the act. We go on with this tradition that has always existed. You should say this sentence with the voice of Morgan Freeman:-).

What kind of people do you meet? Can you confirm that once you get a tattoo you always come back for more?

My clientele is very diversified, I can’t say there is only one type of people getting a tattoo. And yes, you always come back for it… like potato chips!

What body part do people tattoo the most these days?

I would say the forearms.

What kind of drawing do you like to make?

My style is mostly setting in contrats fat lines, thin lines and soft shades. The pictures will speak for themselves better than I do.

There are more and more tattoo parlors these days, what makes you different from the others?

There are more tattoo artists because there are more tattooed people. I couldn’t say exactly what makes me different from the others. What I can say is that I work very hard and that I learn new things every day.

Would you like to ride Le Cafe Racer?

I already use a 600 Scrambler and I would be more than happy to use Le Cafe Racer. I’m not worried, I will find the space!

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We chose to stage Le Cafe Racer in this tattoo parlor because the bike will not only available in bike shops but also in concept stores. So what is a concept store exactly?

A concept store is a space that brings together several products on the same theme. Sometimes the concept store can include food service, always on the same theme. These spaces try to stage a creative universe and to highlight a special lifestyle.

You can find concept stores focused on design, sports, a specific brand or the vintage universe for example. Our bike would perfectly fit in an old school universe, a space dedicated to bikers or café racers fans. That’s what our team is actively trying to find these days.

If you know about a concept store that would welcome our bike or simply enjoy a photoshoot at their place, don’t hesitate to introduce them to us