Le Cafe Racer has been revealed a few weeks ago. Proud of this project which is the result of a long research and development work, we chose to present it at the Eurobike show in Germany. This was the ideal moment to test the water and appreciate the first comments about it. Comments which were particularly positive and announce lots of positive things for the future of the project.

On social media, the enthusiasm was instantaneous. A community quickly was created with a lot of comments about the design of the bike ! “Best designed ebike so far”, “Nice looking bike”, “What an amazing vehicle”, “Beautiful bike”… An overwhelming enfatuation emerged : Le Cafe Racer knew how to convince you as much as it convinced us.

A few blog articles and publications on social media emerged about Le Cafe Racer. Proud of the repercussions of this launch, we have chosen to share with you the latest news about us.

1. EvNerds, THE online magazine specialized in electric vehicles


« Aevon bikes company got all our attention with their “Le Cafe Racer” model. »

EvNerds is an online magazine, a space gathering a community of passionate people who like to learn, write and share all the latest news about the universe of electric vehicles.

On social media but also on their website, Le Cafe Racer was treated to his very first article !



2. Tudo Bicicleta Electrica, the Brazilian Facebook page passionate about electric vehicles


Have you ever heard of Tudo Bicicleta Eléctrica ? This Facebook page regularly shares the latest news as well as the latest trends about ebikes ! When you scroll down their wall, you can discover a publication that talks about … our bike Le Cafe Racer of course.

3. Electrek, the expert in new electric vehicles and clean ecosystems


« Electric bicycles dominated the show, and the Aevon Le Cafe Racer was certainly one of the most unique models on display. »

During the Eurobike show, we met Micah Toll, a journalist specialized in the motorization of bikes and other types of vehicles, for the website Electrek. After he came by our booth, we were pleased to discover his fully detailed article about Le Cafe Racer : pictures, technical explanations, everything is there.


4. Inceptive Mind, the website that mixes innovation and creativity


« It is an electric bicycle that seeks more the infatuation of the owner of having something different and exclusive, rather than mere functionality. »

Their mission ? Recounting all extraordinary ideas that make the world go forward, ensuring that all information shared is coherent and accurate.

You have noticed it already, Le Cafe Racer is a real innovation (in all modesty) in the ebike world and more generally in all types of transportation areas. We were pleasantly surprised to discover an article about our project pointing out the possibility of customizing and accesorizing the bike.

5. 01.net, the French website specialized in new technologies and news about high-tech products


« It’s definitely one of the stars of the Eurobike show : the German show dedicated to the bike shone a light on Le Cafe Racer»

No need to introduce them anymore, 01.net is a French website  famous for all enthusiasts and amateurs of new technologies. You can find there all high-tech news, products tests, practical tips, more than 80 000 software to download and … Le Cafe Racer. Yes, our bike now is part of their website. The next step will probably be some tests ?


Le Cafe Racer already makes people talk and we are sent questions on a daily basis : the price, the launch date, the countries where the bike will be distributed… Whatever questions you may have, be patient, we will answer all of them.

One thing we are sure of, you haven’t finished hearing about Le Cafe Racer.