People regularly ask us this question: “Where will I be able to use my bike Le Cafe Racer ?”

The answer is simple: you can use it anywhere!

Le Cafe Racer is not a standard bicycle, it’s not an MTB, it’s not really a city bike either and despite appearances, it’s not a motorbike. You could consider leaving it in a corner of your living-room as a decorative object to make your interior design more ‘vintage‘ and some concept stores are already planning it but we have other ideas we’d like to suggest.

In the city

To fully enjoy your café racer bike, the best spot is the city with its narrow paved streets. Esthetically speaking, it’s true: Le Cafe Racer is a mix of a bike and a motorbike but technically speaking it’s still part of the bicycle family. It means you can weave in and out of traffic, use bicycle lanes and ride around a little everywhere in town freely.

The driving position is laid-back, ideal for a weekend ride. But this bike can also become your main means of transportation to go from home to work every day. You just need to use a quality bike lock or motorbike chain to park Le Cafe Racer safely in a bike park.

Imagine going to work every morning on this unique bike. You might just need a little Cycloboost BBS motor in 250w to go from one spot to another quickly and without making an effort. No more car, no more traffic, you just need to jump on your bike in the morning to start the day with a big smile on your face.

Watch Le Cafe Racer strolling in Bordeaux on this video :


At the beach

With its wide tyres, Le Cafe Racer is able to drive on other types of grounds, like the beach side in the summer.

Enjoy a sunset ride, join a few friends for a drink on the sidewalk and cruise peacefully while listening to the sound of the waves. A real delight.

You are more into thrills? Fit Le Cafe Racer with a 1000w BBS motor to enjoy amazing torque as soon as the wheels begin turning. In that case, don’t plan to bring any friends along, they won’t be able to follow you:-).

At the countryside

We won’t lie to you, Le Cafe Racer is not planned to ride off-road like an MTB. But the flexibility of the frame could surprise you. You soon find that the driving is smooth and pleasant and you don’t feel the vibrations of the road thanks to the shock absorbers and the large tyres.






 Nathan even volunteered for this crash test going down some stairs and… he’s still there to talk about it!


You can decide to use the sole power of your legs or you can also choose to fit your bike with a BBS middle motor more or less powerful depending on your needs. It won’t prevent you from pedalling and still working out (a little).